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How to Sew a Ballerina Tutu for a Halloween Costume


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Finished Costume Tutu

Finished Costume Tutu

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Every little girl dreams of being a ballerina. Create this simple tutu, add a onsie, body suit or leotard and tights to finish the costume.
  • 1" ribbon -- the waist measurement plus 24" (Grosgrain ribbon is easier to keep tied than a satin ribbon)
  • Tulle-- the length of your tutu by four times the waist measurement times 8 (so you have eight layers of tulle in the finished tutu)
    • For example: a 13" long tutu for a 23" waist
    • Tulle is 54" wide so you can get four 13" strips from the width.
    • 4 times 23"(waist)equals 92". 92" divided by 36" (a yard) equals just over 2.5 yards of tulle.
  • Quality thread or thread and string, depending on your choice of methods to gather. (How Ruffles and Gathers are Formed)
  • Optional -- decorations to spruce up the tutu (such as glue and glitter or narrow ribbon tied into bows ans tacked to the tutu)
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