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Halloween Costumes

The following links are great pages to get your creative juices flowing.

Economical Costume Making Tricks and Tips - Cheap Materials for Costumes
No one wants to break the bank to sew a costume that will be worn once and thrown away or stored for years until it is finally thrown away. There are ways to sew a cheap costume! Learn more here.

Quick and Cheap Costume Fringe - How to Make Inexpensive Fringe
Many Halloween and stage costumes need fringe to make the costume complete. Save your money and make inexpensive fringe.

Alternative to a Zipper Closure or Close a Costume Gap - Costume Sewing Tip
Many Costumes have gaps in closing which allow cold air in. Zippers take time to sew. Learn about a quick alternative to zippers in a costume here.

Buttons Without Buttonholes
Not happy with the buttonholes your machine sews but you want buttons on a costume? Find some quick alternatives here.

How to Sew a Nun Habit Costume Pattern
A nun habit costume is looked for every Halloween and throughout the year for school and church plays and performances. Find pointers and patterns for sewing your nun habit costume here.

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew A Pirate Eye Patch
Free directions to sew a pirate eye patch. This is a simple project that a beginner can sew!

Halloween 2001
Halloween is ruled by creativity. Visit over 100 pages to gather inspiration and directions for a mutitude of costumes, decorations and more!

Halloween Costume Foot Coverings
Does your costume still need some finishing touches? These foot coverings may be just the ticket or save you a small fortune on special shoes!

Animal Ears On Headbands
Dress up a simple costume using the free patterns and directions found here. Bunny, cat, mouse and dog ears!

Simple Felt Costume Aprons
A simple way to cover a body and coordinate a Halloween or pageant costume.

Flower Costume
A easy costume that will keep your child warm while they trick or treat.

Grapes Halloween Costume
Directions for a Halloween costume you can make for children or adults.

Halloween And Thanksgiving Pumpkin Decoration
Free pattern and full directions to create a stuffed fabric pumpkin that will last for years.

Halloween Costume Tails
Directions and ideas to make animal tails, for your Halloween costumes.

Halloween Dinosaur Costume
Directions for make regular pajamas into a dinosaur costume.

Halloween Sewing
Resources and information to get started on Halloween sewing.

Halloween Sewing
An index to all kinds of Halloween fun.

Keeping Halloween Costumes Economical
Tips, tricks and pointers for keeping your costumes economical, with links to more Halloween ideas.

Nurse's Halloween Costume
Free nurse's cap pattern, uniform pattern suggestions and more to create a perfect nurses costume.

Pokemon Halloween Costumes
Ideas to alter available patterns or normal clothing and create Pokemon characters.

Spiffy Clown Costumes
I'll be talking about ways to cut corners and elaborate on purchased costume patterns.

Tea Bag Costume
Directions for a costume made from fall leaves and interfacing.

Trick or Treat Loot Bags
Make your own loot bag using your fabric stash. Use the chart provided for varying the size of your bag to make reusable lunch, grocery or gift bags.

Robot Costume
We're elaborating on sleeve protectors, using card board boxes and foil to create a memorable little robot.

Basic Headgear
Directions for Crowns, Turbans and Face-Framing Beaded Fringe.

FabricLink's Halloween Costume Closet
"Easy and inexpensive" costume ideas that are probably in your closets.

Harper House
Historically accurate costuming patterns.

How To Make A Latex Mask Demo
Although this page is slow loading it is great place to learn how to make a latex mask to go with your costume creations.

Kannik's Korner Pattern Catalog
A company with patterns for costume clothing from the 1700 - early 1900's for women. men and children.

Mask Making Basics
Mask making in details far beyond the kind we made in elementary school.

Patterns From The Past
A well indexed site to shop for old patterns.

Sew-Your-Own Lycra® Bodysuit
Details for turning Kwik-Sew Pattern #2108 into a costume.

Viking Tunic Construction
Extensive directions and details for making a Viking style tunic.

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