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Sew an Expandable Headband to Match Any Outfit


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Materials and Cutting
Sew Your Own Expandable Fabric Headband

Sew Your Own Expandable Fabric Headband

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
This headband can be worn in many ways. It's sometimes called a hairwrap and can be worn as a wide head scarf or a skinny headband. This simple to sew headband features one area that has encased elastic, while the other area can stay pleated or bunchedto wear as a skinny headband or it can be pulled out flat to cover most if not all of the head, like a head scarf. Since this headband does not require a lot of fabric and the fabric does not have to stretch,you can watch remnant and clearance racks, to sew yourself a headband to match every outfit or whim without breaking the bank. They're a great replacement for bandannas.

Required Materials:

  • Any fabric -- one piece cut to 12" X 15" and another cut to 11" X 3" (The pieces can be cut from a fat quarter or you can cut two from a perfectly cut 1/3 yard of 45" wide fabric.)
  • 1- 6 1/2" piece of 3/4" wide non-roll elastic (Information about elastic)
  • Thread to match the fabric
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