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Creating My Dream Sewing Space


Meeting your sewing needs while designing your sewing room is an individual decision based on your sewing equipment, as well as the room you have and budget limits.
The sewing room featured here has been YEARS in the making. Now that the addition is built and the sheetrock is done, new progress is made each week.
Follow the progress and stay up to date on the changes by subscribing to the sewing newsletter.
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Fabric and Notion Organizational CubbiesFabric and Notion StorageSewing Room Floor PlanSewing Room Floor PlanOrganizing Fabric StorageOrganizing Fabric StoragePreview of Corner Desk Sewing AreaEconomical Sewing Tables
Large Stable Cutting AreaSewing Cutting Table with Storage Sewing CabinetsSewing CabinetsComputer Desk Area in Sewing RoomComputer Desk
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