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Sew a Pillowcase - Standard, Queen, King or Travel Pillow


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What you Need to Make a Pillowcase
Sew a Simple Pillowcase

Sew a Simple Pillowcase

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Sew your own pillowcase to have the color or print you want and to save money. Consider making pillowcases as a gift. Kids and teens love having things with themes or their favorite topic. Consider sports and space print fabrics for the guys. Girls love flowers and cartoon heroes. Make your favorite collage student a pillowcase that follows a theme of their course of study. Consider embroidering a name across the hem of the pillowcase for travel pillows... no more arguing about who owns which pillow.
Many people like a satin pillow case because it helps preserve their hairstyle. Finding a satin pillow case and finding an affordable satin pillowcase is not a problem when you are sewing your own pillowcases.
Since sewing a pillowcase is all straight sewing, this is an excellent sewing project for a beginner or for teaching someone to sew.

What you need:

Fabric Needs: All listings mean preshrunk fabric. Always preshrink washable fabric. The direction of the fabric is only dictated by a one way print. An allover design is the best use of the fabric. Cut your fabric to the size needed, cutting excess from the selvedge edge of the fabric. Square your fabric to start.
  • Travel Size (12" by 16") Pillowcase - 24" X 25" (3/4 yard of 45" wide fabric makes 2)
  • Standard Size (20" X 26") Pillowcase - 40" by 40" (1 yard of 45" wide fabric)
  • Queen Size (20" x 30") Pillowcase - 40" by 44" (1 yard of 45" wide fabric)
  • King Size (20" x 36") Pillowcase - 40" by 50" (1 1/2 yard of 45" wide fabric)
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