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Calculate Fabric Needs to Sew Simple Panel Curtains


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Calculate the Length of Each Panel
Calculate the length of each panel

Calculate the length of each panel

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Use this formula to calculate the amount of fabric you need if the fabric is wide enough to create each panel.

______ Finished Length
______ Plus the header (facing) to the bottom of the rod
__+ 1"_ Plus 1" in order to turn under 1/2" at each end of the panel
______ Plus Hem (allow 2" to 3" depending on the weight of the fabric you are using. A light weight fabric is usually better with a 3" hem to "weight" the hem and help it hang properly.

______ Equal total length needed for each panel

______ Times the number of panels

______ Divided by 36" (for a yard of fabric or 39.37" for a meter of fabric}
______ Add on for tie backs, ruffles, fabric shrinkage, extra width and other trimming desires or matching pattern repeats in print fabric.
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