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Information and Sources for Interfacing And Stabilizers

Interfacing and stabilizers are related but they are not the same thing. Learn about the differences and the jobs they do in order to be an educated consumer and end up with the results you want when you are sewing.

Choose Interfacing, Know the Basics
Choosing interfacing does not have to cause you to panic. Knowing some simple basics will help you make your interfacing decisions much less daunting. Learn about interfacing for all of your sewing needs here.

Understand Sewing Interfacing for Fabric - Sew In or Fusible Interfacing
When you are sewing, different parts of an item may need more shaping or stiffness than other parts of the item. Understand how interfacing changes the way fabric will drape of stand, helps you create the shaping you need for what you are sewing.

Sewing How to Information
Knowing how to use sewing notions and what the products are called helps you be an informed shopper and produce sewn items you can be proud of. Sewing know how is easy to learn when a wealth of information is at your finger tips. This sewing how to information will teach you about the ways to add stiffness and shape to clothing and costumes.

No Sew Sewing - Fusible Options to Join Fabric
Sewing is not always done with a needle and thread. Fusibles can join fabric but it also has an effect on the fibers. Learn about quick hemming options, fusible qualities and repairing tears or ripped fabric and more by using fusible web options.

A fantastic site for learning how and when to use interfacing. Lots of free projects too!

Denver Fabrics
An all around shopping site to meet almost any need. Choose from the menu on the left side of the screen to navigate the site.

Nancy's Notions Catalog
Use the on line0catalog for shopping on line or use the catalog request to receive a hard copy.

Sulky Puffy Foam
Here's the answer to how to add dimension to your monograms and machine embroidery. Applique Net Links

Sulky Stabilizers
Click on each stabilizer to understand the different types and the uses for them.

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