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Machine Embroidery Designs and More!

Many sewing machines are now available for the home with embroidery options... and not just decorative stitches. Learn about sewing machines that will embroider an entire design.
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Before You Try Embroidery Sewing Machines
Embroidery sewing machines add the ability to add beautiful additions and embroidery accents to any sewing or fabric. Learn the basics of embroidery sewing machines you will need to know to be an educated consumer. Learn why embroidery sewing machines are special and how embroidery sewing machines can change the things you sew.

Ways to Use a Home Embroidery Machine
In a quandary about spending the money on a home embroidery machine? Read ways to use your home embroidery machine for everyday purposes to make the purchase a smart decision.

Consumer Search on Embroidery Sewing Machines
Learn about embroidery machines and explore expert and consumer reviews of embroidery sewing machines.

Everyday Uses for Machine Embroidery
Looking for a reason or an excuse to have a home embroidery machine? Find every day uses for a home embroidery machine here.

How to Machine Embroider Lace Designs
There are many beautiful lace machine embroidery designs available. Find free step by step directions to learn how to machine embroider free standing lace here.

Try Machine Embroidery
Machine embroidery is a beautiful addition to any sewing or fabric. Learn the basics you will need to know to be an educated consumer.

Machine Embroidery Basics
Hooping and stabilizing the fabric are most critical steps to achieving excellent results when doing machine embroidery. Find information about hooping here.

Machine Embroidery Terms and Definitions
When you're looking at sewing machines that are capable of embroidery, a whole new world of terms surface. Learn the basic terms here.

First Aid Embroidery Designs
Sewing gifts that will be available when the need arises, like ice packs and first aid kits, is great but adding machine embroidery designs that...

Debbie's Method of Machine Embroidering Tee Shirts and Sweat Shirts
Using a home embroidery sewing machine to embroider a tee shirt or sweat shirt is a common way to use an embroidery machine. Learn the ins and outs to have soft, draping tee shirts with beautiful machine embroidered designs on them with the information that is provided in this article.

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