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Tips and Tricks to Machine Embroider Terry Cloth

Employ the Correct Stabilizer to Tame the Loops


Stabilizers to stop fabric from poking through embroidery

Stabilizers to Tame Terry Cloth Loops

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Bath towels, wash cloths and terry cloth robes are just a couple of the places that can be embellished with machine embroidery. The loops of terry cloth need to be tamed to prevent them from poking up between the machine embroidered stitches.

Stabilizers which dissolve in water (water soluble) or disintegration with the heat of an iron (Heat Away), need to be placed on top of the terry cloth before you begin stitching out an embroidery design.

Always preshrink terry cloth before sewing or embroidering. Terry cloth commonly shrinks and the stitching will seem puckered if the fabric shrinks.

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