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Sewing Notions Information

Some sewing notions make sewing jobs easier to achieve, others maybe the only way to perform certain sewing tasks. Learning about all of the sewing tools that are available wil;l help you achieve more!
  1. Buttons And Snaps (9)
  2. Hardware Notions (5)
  3. Interfacing And Stabilizers (9)
  4. Lace & Trim Sources (6)
  5. Marking Notions (5)
  6. Measuring Tools (3)
  7. Pins & Needles (5)
  8. Pocketbook & Purse Supplies (7)
  9. Pressing Tools (7)
  10. Scissors And Cutting Tools (8)
  11. Sewing Baskets (4)
  12. Sewing Gadgets (9)
  13. Sewing Label (7)
  14. Sewing Machine Accessories (8)
  15. Sewing Machine Needles (5)
  16. Sewing Thread (19)
  17. Webbing Sources (6)
  18. Zipper Sources (11)

How to Use a Needle Threader
They come with some sewing needles and can be purchased in almost all sewing notion sections but many people set them aside rather then figure out how to use them. Here you'll find step by step instructions to using a needle threader. You'll never want to thread a needle without one again!

Save Money Sewing Clothing and Other Textile Needs
Sewing notions can be found in more places than the notions wall at the fabric store... and the price may be much more to your liking when you can save money on those notions.

Put Together a Simple Sewing Kit for On the Run Mending and Clothing Repairs
If you sew you have tools on hand to do your mending. When you don't sew all the time, there a few tools you need to do simple mending! Use this list to put together a sewing or mending kit.

Needle Threading Tips
Threading a sewing needle shouldn't take up your valuable time and it shouldn't be frustrating! Following a few simple tips and tricks can make the job a breeze!

Fusible Web - - What is it and how to use it
Fusible web can be the perfect solution for quick fixes and no sew sewing. What is fusible web, how do you use it... find the answers here

Buttonhole Elastic and How to Use Buttonhole Elastic
What is Buttonhole Elastic? Learn about buttonhole elastic and how to use buttonhole elastic here.

Thinking About Safety When Sewing or Teaching Someone to Sew
Many, Many sewing tools are sharp and can cause injuries. Learn how to stay safe, avoid trips to the emergency room and prevent permanent deformities by putting safety first!

Texture Magic from Superior Threads-- Tips, Experiments and Pointers
Texture Magic by Superior Threads allows you to create a new fabric from a plain fabric... a fabric with texture. Read what your sewing guide...

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