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How to Make Hats

Learn the basics and then get creative!


Hat making is an art that seems to have stopped being passed on through the generations. If it weren't for information being shared on the Internet, we would be stuck relying on factories and hoping we could find what we want. Luckily there is fantastic information on the Internet and millinery supply sources that will allow anyone to start making hats.

1. Free Pattern for a Sun Bonnet with a Ruffle

Free Pattern to sew a Toddler Sun Bonnet With a Ruffled Brim
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Use this free pattern to create an adorable sun bonnet with a ruffled edge. You'll be protecting your little ones from the sun and making a cute fashion statement at the same time!

2. Free Pattern for a Toddler's Fluted Edge Hat

Sew a Toddler's Fluted Edge Hat
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
A baseball cap may be cute on the little guys but it doesn't protect their ears and neck from the sun. This hat does and you can make it in any fabric so there can be a hat to match every outfit!

3. 15+ Free Fleece Hat Patterns & Tutorials

Select one or all of the hats for more than fifteen different hats. They are all great and offer a wide variety of options.

4. MillinaryTechniques.com

This site has to be one of the most inclusive sites you will ever find about hot information. An incredible site to learn hat making history, equipment for hat making, types of hats and more.

5. Free Pattern and Directions to Sew A Hooded Scarf

Completed Hood and Scarf in One
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
A hat and scarf in one.... one thing for the kids to loose rather than two so there are better odds that it may make it back home at the end of a day. Polar Fleece is a fantastic fabric that is easy to sew. Here's a free, simple, useful sewing project to make a hood scarf that will keep someone's head and neck warm with one item.

6. Easy Fleece Hats to Make

Have you ever thought of a sweatshirt sleeve as a hat? That's just one of the simple hats that are described on this page.

7. How to Make a Mini Top Hat

If you are interested in making real hats, these directons explaining how to make a mini top hat are a great place to begin.The step by step instructions will guide you through the entire process and teach you enough to start branching out on your own.

8. How to Make a Fedora Hat

These directions not only teach you how to make a Fedora hat, it also walks you through making your own hat block using a hat from a thrift store as your place to start.  Imagine your guy's face when he realizes you made him a special hat.

9. Free Sewing Patterns and Tips to Sew Your Own Hats

You've made an outfit and now you can use your left over fabric to create a hat to match. A hat to match every garment is bound to offer skin protection from the sun... and a fun accessory! You'll find free patterns and loads of tips to get you started here.

10. Hat Shapers

This site sells plastic hat forms for felting hats. They offer a wide variety of shapes and at the bottom of the page they offer a few pop up slide shows to help you in your hat making endevours.

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