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Sewing Patterns

The internet is a wonderful resource for sewing patterns and allows you to browse endless catalogs of sewing patterns to find a perfect pattern to meet your needs.
  1. Plus Size Sewing Patterns (6)
  2. Bridal &Formal Wear Pattern (3)
  3. Children And Infant Pattern (11)
  4. Costume Patterns - Commercial (18)
  5. Craft Patterns (9)
  6. Cultural Patterns (10)
  7. Denim Patterns (5)
  8. Discontinued Patterns (7)
  9. Doll Patterns (20)
  10. Embellishment Patterns (4)
  11. Home Decorating Patterns (14)
  12. Maternity & Nursing Pattern (6)
  13. Mens Patterns (10)
  14. Outterwear Patterns (12)
  15. Patterns for Fitting Detail (5)
  16. Pet Patterns (10)
  17. Sewing Pattern Software (6)
  18. Smocking & Heirloom Pattern (5)
  19. Totes, Bags & Purse Patterns (7)
  20. Vest Patterns (10)
  21. Womens Patterns (21)

Places to Donate or Sell Your Old Sewing Patterns
Do you have a stash of old sewing patterns that you are ready to part with? Follow this article for ideas on places to donate or sell your patterns.

Tips and Tricks to Alter, Trace and Use a Multiple Sized Pattern
It's more economical and easier to adjust a pattern if there are multiple sizes printed on a single pattern but tracing the pattern is the best way to use what you need and preserve the pattern for the future. Learn more here.

Commercial Sewing Pattern Companies
The Internet is loaded with free sewing patterns but there are times you are going to need to bite the bullet and look at commercial sewing patterns in order to find the pattern you really want. A commercial sewing pattern is going to offer you designs and patterns that you will not find free on the Internet... but some of those pattern...

Haan Crafts - Sewing Kits for School Students and Learning to Sew
Haan Crafts sells sewing kits for schools and learning to sew. Learn about the types of sewing kits schools buy to teach students how to sew here.

Sewing Pattern Alteration and Fitting Articles
Choosing the correct size pattern and making changes to fit your body is not as big a challenge as you might think. Follow this information to learn all you can before you start.

Tip To Prevent Lost Pattern Pieces
If you've ever had to buy a second pattern because of missing pieces you know the problem, now read this for a simple solution.

How to Preserve Sewing Patterns
Learn how to preserve your favorite sewing pattern so you can use it over and over again for years to come.

Islamic Sewing Patterns
About.com's guide to Islam offers a great list of commercial patterns options and free sewing pattern options that can be used or adapted to meet Islamic clothing needs.

Carol's Zoo -- Carol's Bear Family - Pattern Review
Sew a Teddy Bear using a pattern with only two pattern pieces. Sound impossible? Find out more here.

Sewing Patterns to Sew Sun Protection Hats
The sun is dangerous to our skin. A hat is a simple way to protect your face, ears and neck from excessive sun and damage. Find hat sewing pattern suggestions here.

MacPhee Workshop Pattern 207 --World's Easiest Parka
Can a winter jacket be easy to sew? Find out about MacPhee Workshop Pattern 207 --World's Easiest Parka here!

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