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Carol's Zoo -- Carol's Bear Family - Pattern Review

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2 piece pattern to sew a teddy bear

Carol's Zoo -- Carol's Bear Family Pattern

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

The Bottom Line

I wouldn't hesitate to try other Carol's Zoo patterns and was pleased with the results I obtained on my first try sewing a Baby Bear. I would suggest intermediate to advanced sewing skills for the baby bear just because of the number of curves that need to be sewn. I'm sure a beginner could manage the Papa Bear with no trouble because the curves are more spread out or not as sharp turns.


  • Uses two simple pattern pieces.
  • The baby bear uses a minimal amount of fabric.
  • A great group project for charity sewing.
  • Eyes and noses are available at Catrol's Zoo.


  • Not available locally for me.
  • Directions do not include pictures but are easy to follow.


  • A simple teddy bear pattern that uses just two pattern pieces.
  • This bear can easily be sewn up and done in an hour or less.
  • A soft and cuddly bear that is in need of lots of hugs is the end result.
  • A simple pattern that could easily divide the tasks required to mass produce the bears for charity giving.

Guide Review - Carol's Zoo -- Carol's Bear Family - Pattern Review

I bought this pattern a number of years ago at the Puyallup Sewing Expo and lost track of it in my stash. What a shame!

The pattern fell out of my stash and caught my attention. I had a small piece of boy themed cotton fabric out that wasn't big enough for my original thought but was just enough to sew up a baby bear. I less than an hour I had a bear all set for being cuddled.

Unfortunately I had not bought the eyes and noses available at Carol's Zoo. I had a small nose on hand, that was really too small and think I will embroider eyes on my baby bear. I may not bother though because I think the bear is busy enough just because of my fabric choice.

The pattern is easy to follow but my experience with people learning to sew says it is not a first time at the sewing machine project. You must master sewing curves before sewing this pattern.

I think this pattern would be excellent for a group to sew bears for charity and have no doubt they will be loved by any child! A group with varied sewing skills could easily divide the tasks required to sew the bears and mass produce them in no time. I would order eyes and noses for mass producing these bears. Although it is rare, some pattern owners object and I strongly recommend that you contact Carol's Zoo for permission, even for charity sewing.

Please keep in mind that this pattern does have a copyright. It is against the copyright to sell animals made from the pattern for personal profit. Again, your best solution is to contact Carol's Zoo.

Many other animal patterns are available, using two to nine pattern pieces, at Carol's Zoo. Personally, I can't wait to sew a frog and penguin!

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 5 out of 5
teddy bear pattern, Member gramipie

This was a great pattern. I made the bear for all my grandchildren.Some how my pattern disappeared when I moved and now I awaiting the arrival of my 1st great grandson and want to make this bear again for him but need to purchase another pattern... Please help thanks in advance

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