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Before You Sew Pillows


A pillow is a great project to learn about your sewing machine and learn to sew. The pillows featured here can accommodate a beginner and can become more enriched as your sewing skills develop.

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Basic Simple Pillow Covers

These pillow covers make up fast and require straight stitching. They are a perfect beginner project.

Basic Pillow Covers

These basic pillows offer ways to embellish the front panel of the pillows and the edges with piping and ruffles.

Edging Pillows

Once you've learned the basics of sewing a pillow, start experimenting with the various edge effects that can be added to the side seams. Add more than one ruffle by varying the sizes of the ruffles. Add Piping to accentuate the front and a ruffle to soften the edges. You're the designer!

Embellishing Pillow Fronts

If a pillow has four side seams you can embellish a pillow front. Pillow fronts are a great place to experiment with new techniques. What's the worst thing that could happen? You can always start again with just a pillow front and the rest of the pillow is unharmed by your experiments!

Special Pillows

Life is full of mile-stones! Mark the special moments by hand crafting a memento that will last forever... and possibly be handed down for generations to come!

Novelty Pillows

Pillows don't always have to be practical. Have fun! Experiment with ways to add to the theme in a room.

Body Ache Pillows

Sometimes a pillow just supports and comforts certain parts of the body. One of the best parts of sewing is you can adjust the size and details to what YOU need. More Free Sewing Projects For Health & Beauty Items

Holidays & Accents

Use pillows to add soft accents or to celebrate the seasons and holidays!

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