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Top 4 Irons For Sewing & Pressing


Ironing is an essential part of sewing. The correct tools help get the job done right the first time. Proper pressing can make all the difference in any "home-made" garment. You can buy an iron at any big box store. I recommend that you make sure you have steam available to help setting construction elements of what you sew. These links are to your sewing guides top picks and links to compare prices on the Internet.

More Pressing Tools

1. Rowenta DX6700 PowerDuo Steam iron

New AIRGLIDE Soleplate Highly polished stainless steel finish with profiled tip with steam holes to reach difficult areas. Rounded rear for backwards movement with additional steam row for optimal steam distribution. Pro Vertical System Provides a long continuous burst of steam. Anti-Drip System Prevents spitting and leaking when the thermostat is on a low temperature setting. 3-Way Auto Shut-Off. Vertical Steam allows iron to be used in upright position. Price: $68.49 - $79.99
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2. Rowenta Steam and Spray Iron

This iron brings the quality of a commercial Rowenta iron to your home with its airglide stainless steel soleplate, steam and burst of steam modes, self cleaning and 3-way auto power off. Price: $69.88 - $84.99
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3. Rowenta DA35 LATITUDE compact travel iron

At home or on the road, this iron performs traditional ironing tasks with a compact and lightweight design. Its folding handle and pouch make it just right for travel. The stainless steel soleplate and burst-of-steam function allow for an easy glide and even temperature distribution. Two heating elements. Its vertical steam feature removes wrinkles from drapes and hanging garments. You'll also appreciate its full-range thermostat and transparent, 2.05 oz water tank. Price Info: $39.99
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4. Rowenta DM-991 Ultra Professional Iron

The heavyweight Professional iron combines powerful performance and the signature Rowenta Professional design to provide optimum performance for outstanding results. Price Info: $97.91
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