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Before You Buy a Sewing Machine Online


Choosing a sewing machine has many variables. For someone with no sewing experience or who is mechanically challenged I can not stress enough, the importance of a local sewing machine dealer. The local dealer will offers customers lessons and customer support.

Many people don't have local dealers, or don't like the local dealers in their area. For those people there are a few online sites for purchasing a machine that I will recommend because they have proven themselves to me, with customer service, above and beyond the call to duty.


AllBrands.com carries a huge selection of sewing machines, sergers, embroidery machines and all the accessories you could want to go with a machine. Many of the machines have workbooks which will help the customer learn the machine. I have seen this company step up to the plate to help with a serger that was not purchased from them. Who could ask for better customer service. I have also been very impressed with their prices.


Joann.com also offers a vast selection of sewing machines, sergers and embroidery machines. I have heard from many people about wonderful customer service from Joann.com. Joann.com is a total craft and sewing site. There is almost nothing that they don't carry. A gift card for someone who sews is bound to be put to good use at joann.com.

Why Buy From ThoseTwo Sites

I have received email from many people who bought a bargain online from clearing house type sites online to find problems with the machine and customer service that didn't even know what a serger is and a no-return policy.

You may get lucky and find someone on the forum who can walk you through getting started but no one knows every single sewing machine that was ever made.

Avoid problems and order from sites with a proven history of customer service and know the products they are selling!

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