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Sewing Machine Basics and Information

Before you shop for or run a sewing machine, it's best to know a bit about a sewing machine. This information will guide you through exploring sewing machines in general and learning the most you can to enjoy sewing.

Operate a Sewing Machine
Everything you need to make a wise choice in purchasing a sewing machine, operating and understanding a sewing machine can be found here. Learn how to obtain the manual for your machine, reach out for help and explain your problem so others can help you operate your sewing machine and have fun sewing.

Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance
Starting points and sources of information for proper sewing machine care.

What You Need to Learn to Sew
Learning to sew can seem like an overwhelming task but it doesn't have to be. The information you need to start sewing is sorted and pointing you to exactly what you need to know, where to start and what's important here.

Locating A Sewing Machine Manual
Increase the potential of your sewing machine and the ability to sell it, by having the machine manual. Includes on and off line sources.

Meet My Treadle
Take a tour of history and see the sewing manual that came with the machine. You may be able to help find the original owner.

Sewing Machine Buying Tips
Whether your going to break the bank or stay conservative when you buy a sewing machine, here's some things to keep in mind.

Sewing Machine Survey
Give us an opinion of the machine you own and help others make an informed decision. Follow the results for a machine consumer reference.

Sewing Machine Trouble Shooting
Basic sewing machine trouble shooting pointers.

Bernina's Stitch Regulator
I recently had the pleasure of trying out the stitch regular\tor on a Bernina Artista... If you love making art work with thread and fabric, this new feature is something you must try out...read more about it here.

Mystery Machine?
Can you identify this machine? Share your knowledge!

How a Sewing Machine Works
An EXCELLENT reference to gain total understanding of how your sewing machine (and serger) works. Follow all of the pages to see animated gifs of how stitches are formed. The more you know about how the machine works, the easier it is to trouble shot problems.

Sewing Machine Dating
Follow the information to determine how old your machine is.

Twin-Needle Reference Chart
From Threads Magazine: Here's how to get almost a dozen different effects on fabrics of all sorts, using a twin needle and some ingenuity.

Date Your Singer Sewing Machine
Singer sewing machine company guides you through finding when your machine was built with the free online information.

Baby Lock Dealers
A site to search for a dealer near you, via your zip code.

Available Featherweight Machines
An on-line source for featherweight sewing machines, with each machine rated.

Selecting A Sewing Machine
Things to look for and pointers for buying the correct machine for your sewing needs.

Sewing Industry 800 Numbers
Pattern and sewing machine company 800 numbers complied by The Home Sewing Association.

Sewing Machine Super Store
On line sewing machine sales with all brands represented.

Industrial Sewing Machines For Sale
An extensive selection of new and used industrial equipment.

Industrial Sewing Machine Information
Various topics for exploring and understanding industrial equipment.

Industrial Sewing Machine Parts and Accessories
a spot to explore attachment, power stands, accessories and parts for industrial machines.

Pfaffer Designs
Embroidery designs shared by fellow Pfaff sewing machine owners.

Sewing Rummage Sale
A rummage sale with all sewing equipment from people all over the country.

Sewing Equipment Warehouse
An Index of industrial machines with links to full descriptions and dealer sources.

Sewing Machine Parts
Replacement parts, needles, feet and more for sewing machines.

Sewing Machine Parts
A source for older and unusual machine parts.

Walking Foot
Learn all about what a walking foot is and how to use it from Lydia's site.

Welcome to Bernina of America
Your source for all Bernina information.

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