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Coats and Clark Sewing Thread Company


Who is Coats and Clark?:

J. & P. Coats and the Clark Thread Co. merged to become Coats & Clark Inc. in 1959. The history of this company dates back to the early 1800s. Their history page is a must read. Their information offers a wonderful, insightful history of the way thread markets were controlled, where their products have been manufactured, inspired and more.

Textile History offers another page of information about Clark Thread Company history when it they were manufacturing in East Newark, NJ.

The place to start exploring Coats and Clark is their new homepage.

Coats and Clark Products:

Coats and Clark products are not just sewing products. Coats and Clark manufactures products for , knitting and crocheting, hand embroidery, quilting, machine embroidery, sewing accessories and more. Browsing the Coats and Clark product pages just might expose you to sewing notions that you never knew existed.

Contacting Coats & Clark Company:

Contacting Coats & Clark is easy via their website contact page. Retail and wholesale information is provided on this one page. They also offer a place to provide them with suggestions.

Buying Coats and Clark Products Online:

The Coats and Clark website links directly to The Yarn Collections for purchasing their products online. I did not see sewing products highlighted on this page, however most large online sewing stores carry Coats and Clark products.

More Coats & Clark Websites:

Coats and Clark offers a few ways to navigate the information they provide free on the Internet. The World of Coats and Clark Craftsoffers links to information in many different countries. [linkurl=http://www.coats.com/]Welcome to Coats plc offers a site map to all of their websites and a huge amount of information. Coats Sewing Solutions is a site that offers information about sewing with any of their products.

Store Locations:

Coats and Clark offers an easy to use store locator so you can find place local to where you are to shop for Coats and Clark products.

Do You Use Coats and Clark Products?:

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