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Free Patterns to Sew Your Own Teddy Bears


11. "Bonjour" The bear simple as a Pie! By Oursement Vôtre

"Bonjour" is an 8.5" bear that is said to be an excellent bear to begin bear making. He certainly will make an adorable loveable bear!

12. Hug Me Teddybear

This is a SUPER simple teddy bear pattern with much thought to safely issues and small children. I can envision a small child toting this little bear around for a good long time. The site suggests making these bears for Emergency Medical services that keep the bears on hand to give to small children during a time they need comforting.

13. Directions for SIMPLE BEAR (PDF file)

This bear is two simple pattern pieces with enough detail to be an adorable bear. Simple to make yet designed for years of love and child safety in mind!

14. McCall's Free Patchwork Bear Pattern

Sign up for McCall's emails and then download any of their free patterns. This patchwork bear is a great way to tie in fabrics in a room but does provide warnings that due to the small pieces it is not considered safe for small children to play with.

15. Sebastian - a 9" Bear

This is a traditional teddy bear with contrasting "hands and feet" and movable joints. The shape of this bear makes him a totally hug-able companion for even small arms.

16. Baby Shower Gift: Flat Teddy Tutorial and Pattern

This free pattern will make a wonderful first teddy bear for any baby. Similar to the idea of tag blankets, tiny hands can easily grip this bear and hold it tight. Using a fuzzy fabric increases the textural feel for a baby.

17. Simple Sewing Project for Kids {Free Printable Bear}

Do you have beginner sewers in your home? This is a free pattern that combines computer technology, by printing the teddy bear on fabric, and beginning sewing skills by simply following the outline on the fabric to sew up this simple teddy bear.

18. Free Pattern for Folk Art Mohair Teddy Bear

This very basic, simple teddy bear is perfect for decorating and for babies or small children. It is simple to sew and has no small parts unless you decide to add them. Embroidery is always safer than buttons for small children.

19. Summer Traveler Buddy

This free pattern is not your typical teddy bear but is simple to sew and the possibilities are endless for a unique lovable teddy bear style doll. Wonderful step by step instructions are included.

20. Sew Bear-y Sweet Pumpkin Teddy

This is an almost traditional teddy bear but this one is totally adorable and is holding a small pumpkin making him a perfect home decorating teddy bear as well as a lovable bear. The heart foot prints are absolutely adorable and make him unique!
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