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Sewing Techniques

Many people punt to learn their own way to sew different items and take the rough road of experimenting. This information will guide you through experimenting to sew any and everything you can imagine. Once you've mastered basic sewing skills,you will be expanding your creative abilities.
  1. Alteration & Fitting (8)
  2. Applique (10)
  3. Bows And Ribbons How To's (9)
  4. Bra & Undergarment (6)
  5. Bridal Sewing (4)
  6. Definitions And Glossary (4)
  7. Embellishment (9)
  8. Fabric Care (10)
  9. Fabric Paint (8)
  10. Fusibles (3)
  11. Kite Making (5)
  12. Sergerer Techniques (6)
  13. Sewing Dolls (8)
  14. Sewing Tips (14)
  15. Zipper Application Net Link (18)

How to Sew Basics
When you need to know how to sew something, the answers can seem complicated. Take a deep breath and follow simple step by step instructions to learn how to sew almost anything, whether it's mending a garment, making a garment form scratch, repairing household items, making simple repairs, operating a sewing machine for the first time and more,...

Stop the Sewing Machine from Swallowing the Fabric
Sewing techniques can take time to master. This article will guide you through how to use stabilizers to solve common problems and achieve the sewing results that you want in a finished product.

How to Make a Fabric Covered Button
A fabric covered button adds to any garment of home decorating item... and eliminates trying to find a button that will match your fabric. Covering a button with fabric is an easy process when you know the steps. These easy to follow directions will have you covering buttons for any and every button need.

How to Ease in a Hem to Prevent Tucks and Gathers for a Flat Smooth Hem
Everyone knows what a hem is but do you really understand the mechanics behind a hem that will make it lay smooth without being lumpy or bumpy on the outside of the garment and so that it will hang nicely? This article is the p0lace to learn all about hems and making them something you can be proud of!

Tips for Sewing Vinyl Fabric That Doesn't Want to Feed Through Sewing Machine
Learn to sew vinyl fabric without having to buy any special equipment. The tips found here will teach you what you need to know to sew vinyl and vinyl coated fabric.

Hand Sewn Stitches
Sewing machines are wonderful but there are times that hand sewing is going to give you the most desirable results. If you don't have a sewing machine, you can still sew by using hand sewing to join fabric. Learn about hand sewn stitches and how to sew them.

Hemming Information
Identical twins may be the same height but most of us don't have a twin. Why would ready to wear clothing be a perfect length is we are not all the same? Hemming alterations are one of the most commonly needed changes to clothing off the rack. Learn about how to hem and you will be pleased with the results as as well as save a fortune by not paying someone else to hem your clothing.

Machine Sewn Turned Hem or Baby Hem
A baby hem or turned under hem encloses a raw edge, requires little hemming fabric and is easy to sew. This article will guide you through everything you need to know to sew a baby hem or turned under hem.

Sewing Questions and Answers
Understanding why something is sewn one way or another way is half the battle to ending up with results you are happy with. Learn or ask your sewing questions by following these questions and answers. If you would like to have an ongoing conversation about a sewing problem, stop by our sewing forum . It's free and you can get the answers from...

How To Repair Embellishments That Come off a Garment
this article will show you how to repair an item when the embellishments come off in the washer or dryer... and make sure it doesn't happen again!

How to Repair Ripped Fabric and a Torn Belt Loop on Jeans
Belt loops get tugged on and before you know it the loop rips off the jeans with no fabric under the area you need to attach the belt loop. Learn how to replace the belt loop and make it better than new with these easy to follow step by step instructions with photos of each step in the process.

How to Back Stitch and Lockstitch With Your Sewing Machine
This sewing technique explains what you need to know to secure your seams with a lock stitch or by back stitching at the beginning and end of your seams.

The Dressmaker's Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques by Lynda Maynard -...
The Dressmaker's Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques by Lynda Maynard - Essential Step-by-Step Techniques for Professional Results -- Book Review

What is the fabric behind a button and why is it there?
Sewing can seem boggling but it doesn't have to be. Learn why things are done and follow the viewer questions to gain a better understand of how and why things are done certain ways. Learn about why some buttons have fabric sewn behind them and why it is there here.

Is there a way to make my sewing machine sew a chain off the fabric?
Sewing can seem boggling but it doesn't have to be. Learn why things are done and follow the viewer questions to gain a better understand of how and why things are done certain ways. Learn about sewing a chain stitch and sewing off the fabric with your sewing machine here.

What's the Best Way to Sew a Pocket Seam? Can I just Zigzag the Seam?
Sewing can seem boggling but it doesn't have to be. Learn why things are done and follow the viewer questions to gain a better understand of how and why things are done certain ways. Learn about sewing pocket seams here.

Sew Yourself A Dressed Up Sweat Shirt - Embellish a Sweatshirt with Cut Work
This project is a great way to transform an inexpensive sweatshirt into something special... you may even want to make sweatpants to match once you see how easy this is with the free pattern and directions that are provided.

Why are some seams pressed open and some pressed to one side?
Sewing can seem boggling but it doesn't have to be. Learn why things are done and follow the viewer questions to gain a better understand of how and why things are done certain ways.

How to Match Seams and Seam Lines
Learn how to line up and match the seam lines while you are sewing to obtain results that you can be proud of!

Learn to Mend Your Clothing
Mending your clothing does not have to be a huge project. You can learn simple mending techniques. Our clothing costs too much to throw it away when we rip a seam or break a zipper. Learn how to mend seams, zippers and more by following these links to the repair information you need to mend your clothing.

Tips for Threading a Sewing Needle
Failing eye sight shouldn't stop anyone from sewing. Read how others overcome difficulty threading a sewing needle or add your tips here.

How to Hand Sew a Backstitch for Strong Durable Hand Sewing
You can mend and sew without a sewing machine if you know how to sew strong durable hand stitch that will hold in even the most strenuous situation. A backstitch is the perfect solution. Learn how to sew a back stitch here.

Mend a Pressed Open Seam with Hand Sewing
Repair a busted seam with strong, durable and reliable hand sewing. It's not impossible if you know how to mend a seam.

All You Need to Know About a Thread Chain
A thread chain is a sewing technique that is rather simple. Learn what thread chain is, how to sew a thread chain and why you would use a thread chain here.

Create a Frayed Edge or Frayed Hem and Control the Fraying
How do you make a frayed edge stop fraying or keep it from continue fraying? Learn how to stop they fraying here.

Sew Controlled Cuts in Jeans
Do you want to create the same ripped appearance that you can buy in a pair of jeans? Learn how to create those rips that don't keep ripping here.

How to Sew Your Own Clothes
Learn how the different parts of clothing are sewn and the whole thing will come together without you pulling your hair out or becoming discouraged. Take the time to practice and make samples so the real thing will be easy.

Salvage Worn Our Shirts
Save money by learning how to replace worn out cuffs and elbows on shirts rather then throw them away.

Transferring Dots to Fabric From Your Sewing Pattern
Here's a quick tip to mark or transfer dots found on sewing patterns to your fabric.

How to Remove and Replace Sewn Stitches
Learn how to properly rip out or remove sewing stitches and then resew or repair a seam here.

Create Your Own Quilted Fabric
Buying quilted fabric is easy but you can't always find the weight and color you want. Learn to make your own quilted fabric to have exactly what you want!

How to Mass Produce Sewing Projects
Sewing using mass production methods can get a lot of things made in a short period of time. Learn how to mass produce your sewing projects here.

Sewing Elastic - Who, What, When, Where,Why and How to Use Se…
Elastic is sewn into many garments. Learn about the different kinds of sewing elastic as well as when and how to sew the many different kinds of elastic available to the home sewing enthusiast.

How to Mend Clothing - Hems, Torn Seams, No Sew Sewing and More
Knowing how to mend clothing can save you money and preserve your favorite clothes. Learn the various methods to mend your own clothing here.

Learn the details for great results
Sewing clothing with results you are proud to wear is possible! Learn to perfect the details and the garment will come together.

Tips and Tricks to Sew Corners
If you sew, chances are there has been a time (or two) that you were not satisfied with the way corners on collars or pillows looked when you were done sewing them. Learn tips and tricks to sewing corners here.

Hand Sew a Slip Stitch
A hand sewn slip stitch is a popular hemming stitch to hand sew a hem. Learn how the stitch is sewn here.

Knot the End of Hand Sewing Thread
No need to get yourself in a tizzy! Learn how to knot the end of your hand sewing thread here.

Tip for Practicing Even Hand Stitches
A quick tip to help teach and learn to sew evenly spaced hand stitches

Dressing Up Denim with Embellishment and Trims
Why pay extra for designer jeans when you can make them yourself Learn about ways to embellish denim here.

What You Need to Know to Sew Knits and Stretchy Fabric
The first time you sew a stretchy knit fabric, you may run into a bit of a road block. Stop, take a deep breath and learn these simple tricks. You'll be enjoying sewing knits in no time... and may end up wanting everything you sew to be a knit!

Anatomy of a Seam - Learn How to Sew a Seam
Sewing a seam is probably the most common sewing project. Master this basic sewing process to move on and have endless sewing possibilities.

Fabric that Can't be Pinned
Not all fabric can be pinned in place while you are sewing. Unsightly pin holes can be avoided while managing un-pin-able fabric. Learn solutions here.

Tips for Sewing Slippery Fabric
Are you sewing slippery fabric and having a problem controlling the fabric that wants to slide all over? Find solutions here.

Tips for Sewing a Set in Sleeve
Knowing how to sew a set in sleeve isn't magic. Learn tips and tricks to have professional results when sewing a set in sleeve.

Hemming Information
If we were all the same height and build all clothes off the rack would fit properly.Since we are all different, we usually need to hem clothes. Learn how and find all the information you need here.

Everything You Need to Sew Buttons and Buttonholes
A button is functional to create a closure on a garment but with the many kinds of buttons that are available, buttons are an opportunity to add a decorative touch to almost anything you sew. The trick is knowing how to properly sew on a button and the kind of buttonhole to use for the many buttons is the best way to have a reliable closure on...

How to Use a Sewing Machine Blind Hem Stitch.
Many sewing machines have a built in blind hem stitch capability. Learn tricks to using a sewing machine blind stitch to sew hems here.

How to Stitch on Double Fold Bias Tape
Solve problems with sewing on double fold bias tape with this step by step tutorial.

How to Cut and Sew Fake Fur
Learn how to cut and sew fake fur. Fake Fur and all it's nap can offer some new challenges. Here you'll find how to avoid a nightmare and have the finished results you want!

Basic Directional Stitching to Sew Stay Stitching and Seams
If your asking where to start or what direction to sew a seam or stay stitching this page has your answers.

Free Step by Step Directions to Sew Bound Buttonholes
Full directions that show how to sew a bound buttonhole in a step by step format.

How to Use Rotary Rulers and Cutters
Many free online patterns, as well as ideas in your imagination require squares, triangles and rectangles. Avoid disappointment and make these shapes correctly with tools that are designed to get the job done with perfect results. Find the basics to using these tools here.

Learn How to Transfer Pattern Markings and The Types of Tools Used
In order to obtain accurate results when you are sewing, you need to transfer the pattern markings on to the fabric. Learn how to transfer the pattern markings and the types of pattern transfer marking tools that are available here.

Everything About Sewing Needles
Sewing starts with a needle and thread... be it in a sewing machine or by hand you need a sewing needle to sew. Take the challenges of sewing away by learning about how to easily thread a needle, what kind of sewing needle is best to use and how to hand sew various sewing stitches.

How To Shorten a Zipper
Shortening a zipper to have a zipper the length you want is not a hard task. You'll find step by step directions to shorten a zipper here.

How to Replace a Broken Jeans Zipper
Jeans usually have top stitching that is almost impossible to match. Learn how to replace the broken zipper without disturbing the top stitching here.

How Ruffles Are Gathered & Formed
You can add ruffles and gathering to almost anything you sew. Understanding how ruffles are formed will help you buy and cut the correct amount of fabric. You'll find all the information, with tips and tricks, you need here.

How to Cover Cording to Create Your Own Piping
Piping is edge treatment that can add detail to home decorating, pillows and clothing. Find full directions to learn how to create your own so you can make piping the color or pattern that you want it to be here.

Pre-Shrink Trims
We've all seen shriveled up trim on a garment. We've pressed with all our might to get it smooth. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Pre-shrink your trim before sewing and prevent this problem!

Sew Flat Felled Seams
Flat felled seams are usually used on jeans. They create a strong, durable seam using nothing more then a straight stitch machine. Find directions here.

Grade a Seam
Grading a seam is done to eliminate bulk. Learn how to grade a seam, and why grading a seam makes a difference.

How to Mark an Even Pants Hem
Marking an even, straight hem does not have to be a challenge! Learn how here.

How to Sew a French Seam
A French seam is a seam which encloses the seam allowance. All raw edges are enclosed and the straight seam is all that is visible. Find step by step directions to sew a French seam here.

Step by Step Directions to Sew Flat Felled Seams
A flat felled seam is most commonly seen on jeans. It provides a very strong seam that will not fray. Find directions for how to sew a flat felled seam here.

How and When to Use a Zigzag Seam Finish
If your sewing machine can sew zigzag stitches, you can sew a zigzag seam finish. Learn what you need to know here.

How and When to Use a Clean Finish Seam Finish
The prefect solution when you only have straight stitch capability. Learn everything about a clean finish seam finish here.

How and When to Use a Pinked Seam Finish
A seam finish is the best way to assure a professional appearance to the items you sew and to give your seams the strength they need to withstand laundering. Find out about the simplest seam finish here.

Tips, Tricks And Hints For Creating Your Own Cording And Piping
When you can't purchase covered piping that is what you want, you can make your own. Find the information you need here.

Tips And Tricks For Sewing Children's Pajamas
Ideas for pajamas, with directions for ribbing when sewing Children's Pajamas.

Types of Hook and Eye Closures and Sewing Hook and Eye Closures
Learn how to sew on a hook and eye, when to sew a hook and eye. which type of hook and eye to sew in place and more about sewing a hook an eye here.

Darts in Clothing - What is a Dart & How to Sew Darts
What do darts do and how do you sew them? Learn about darts here.

Bias Tape: How To Make It & Attach It
These instructions are so image packed that nothing is left to your imagination. You'll find these very easy to follow.

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