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Create a Frayed Edge or Frayed Hem and Control the Fraying

Stop the Fabric From Unraveling


Cut offs are a classic part of most summer wardrobes. Add in how economical it is to just cut off ragged jeans to have a new pair of shorts and they become even more appealing. The only problem seems to be how to have that cut off edge stop fraying and keep some modesty in tact.
A simple line of stitching can prevent the fraying from going beyond where you want it.

Here's how:

  • Mark the jeans to the length you want the shorts. (Measure from the floor all the way around the leg to have a straight hem.)
  • Cut the jeans off leaving a couple inches extra to fray. You can always cut more off but you can't sew it back on and have the original look.
  • Sew a straight line of stitching around the edge at the desired length of the shorts.
  • Start pulling out the threads from the cut edge below the stitching.
  • Comb out the treads and trim off those that stay attached.
  • Wash and dry the shorts for the finished effect.
  • Trim wandering treads of fraying for the desired effect but leave the line of stitching in tact to prevent the fraying from going further. [/ul]
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