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How to Cut and Sew Fake Fur


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Getting Started
Look For the Way the Fur Lays

Look For the Way the Fur Lays

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
To cut and sew fur you will need:
  • A safe cutting surface
  • An sharp razor knife or scissors with a very sharp tip
  • Marking pencils to transfer accurate cutting lines
  • Pattern weights (metal washers work great)
  • A wide tooth hair comb

Note:Proper cutting is essential to maintain full fur at your seams. The longer the hair of the fur is, the more essential it becomes.
To cut the fur, you will be working with a single layer at a time. Remember that you will need to turn your pattern pieces over for any pattern pieces that require you to "Cut 2".

Look at the right side of the fur before you do anything. Notice what direction the fur naturally lays. This is an important step. For example, if you were creating a bear costume, you want the direction of the fur to lay so it is heading towards the feet. It will never lay correctly if you cut all of your pattern pieces with the fur heading the wrong direction.

Be sure to lay all of your pattern pieces in the same direction.
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