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All You Need to Know About a Thread Chain


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What is a Thread Chain and Where is it used
A Thread Chain Anchoring a Coat Lining

A Thread Chain Anchoring a Coat Lining

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
A thread chain is a string of loops created by thread. Almost anyone who has crocheted has played with making a chain of yarn or sometimes it's called finger crocheting. The same technique is done with thread to create a thread chain. One of the ways that a thread chain is used is to anchor a lining. Many linings are totally separate from the garment at the hem area and may twist from the desired position. A thread chain to anchor the lining to the body of the garment, will allow the lining to remain free but prevent it from twisting.
A thread chain is also a secure way to hang a homemade Christmas ornament.
I sew thread chains on the ends of my curtain tiebacks for an easy way to secure them on a wall hook.
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