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Zipper Sources

Finding and sewing a zipper is not a big challenge if you have the information you need to be guided through the process. This information will guide you through how to find the perfect zipper for the project you are sewing and how to sew the different kinds of zipper applications.
  1. Sewing in a Zipper

Free Sewing Zippers
Read this article to understand how a used zipper can become a new free zipper to sew any sewing project.

What Type of Zipper Do I Need?
It's tough to shop for a zipper if you don't know what kind of zipper you need. This guide to the different kinds of zippers available for sewing, will guide you learning what kind of zipper you need for the project you are sewing.

How to Replace a Broken Jeans Zipper
Jeans are not inexpensive so it is to your advantage to be able to replace a zipper on a pair of jeans... especially when it is your very favorite pair of jeans. These step by step directions will have you fixing all of your jean zippers.

Talon Zipper Company
You'll find fascinating history and information about what is available on this site.

Stan's Sewing Supplies
Design your own zipper or request almost any zipper imaginable from this site.

A vast assortment of zippers, even the hard to find sizes.

Nancy's Notions Catalog
Use the on line catalog for shopping on line or use the catalog request to receive a hard copy.

What is a Sewing Machine Zipper Foot - What a Zipper Foot is and How to Use it
Most sewing machines come with a zipper foot. A zipper foot is a special foot for a reason and it is well worthwhile to learn how to use a zipper foot to sew in a zipper.

Invisible Zipper Foot
An invisible zipper foot is designed to sew in invisible zippers. Learn how an invisible zipper foot and your choices in this informative article.

Instructions and Tips to Sew an Invisible Zipper
Sewing an invisible zipper is easy with a few simple tricks. Learn tips and tricks to sewing in an invisible zipper in these informative pages.

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