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Bernina Aurora 440QE with embroidery module Sewing Machine -- Owner Review

Submit an Entry: Bernina Sewing Machine Owners Voice Their Experiences

By pep

What Model Bernina Sewing Machine You Own/Owned?

Bernina Aurora 440QE with embroidery module.

How you obtained the machine? (gift, bought new, etc)

Used (from Aurora Sewing Center). Still carries warranty etc.

Approximate age of the machine

4 years but only 6 months old to me.

Approximate price paid for this machine?

The machine, software and embroidery module came together.

What type of sewing you did/do with this machine?

Embroidery & kids things, just made embroidered Easter egg hunt tote bags. I want to do a lot of different things.

What is your satisfaction level with this machine?

VERY, it is everything I wanted and more. It is new to me so I am still learning all it can do. It will take time to learn everything it actually does. From the BSR, and a zillion feet..it is wonderful. The stitches are so perfect and it "tells me" when I am doing somethings wrong. I absolutely love the auto threader.

I want to start quilting.

Lessons Learned

  • I wanted a Bernina sewing machine for years. I need and enjoy the classes and personalized service. So far I love everything about it....now only to learn even more.......especially patience.
  • I visit sewing.about.com for lots of hints and tips. Even if I don't make the project, reading the process helps with other ones.

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